Sunday, June 10, 2012


As I mentioned a few days ago, I was commissioned by Ghost Legion Studios to do a take on one of their main villains from their new game "End." The character, Obenchain, has a rough/homeless vibe to him and he can summon zombies to do his bidding. No joke and sounds like a pretty amazing skill set!

At any rate, I dove in and provided a few sketches and then took off rendering a pencil sketch of the guy. Above you can see my final pencils along with the finished illustration. I kept everything really loose and rough for the most part. I was only commissioned for the pencil sketch but I figured I'd do a rough pass of color/texture to make things a bit more interesting. Hope you guys like him!

If you're interested in checking the game out then head over to the recently released Kickstarter campaign! Throw a couple bucks their way and lets get this game funded!

Thanks for checking in! Take care!

- Ryan

Things I'm loving right now:

Skyward Sword: After a few months of letting it sit on my back log I've jumped back in. I've finally overcome the slow start and am in the thick of it all! Loving it! The use of color is top notch! I wish I could live in world's this colorful!

July 4th Week: Kinda random but the studio I work for is giving us the entire week off for the 4th this year! I'm looking forward to heading down to St. Louis, MO to visit with family and friends the whole time! Can't freakin' wait! Ha!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Scribble Dump!

Hey people!

Life has been still finding itself falling into place for me lately. Lots of preparations for our new baby girl who's arriving in August! In between that and work you'd find me scribbling and preparing my mind for writing some of my own stories. I'm trying to return myself to the roots of why I started creating artwork in the first place. Communicating tales has always been my first goal and I've veered off course a bit as time has gone on. Hopefully I'll have more info as time goes on regarding this exciting turn! But till then you'll have my scratchy scribbles to gnaw on!

The first one is a work in progress of a character from Ghost Legion Studio's new game, "End." They've asked me to do an illustration of their main baddy and I'm having fun with it. You can see a couple of the concept sketches I did before diving in for it as well just below him. I should have this wrapped this weekends so expect a more finished image soon!

What else? Well, over the last couple days at work I've been rendering animations in After Effects which affords me a little bit of time to doodle. This is what usually happens when you give me a ballpoint pen, paper and an idle mind. Random heads! Ha! Hope you enjoy these goof balls!

And here's a fat Ninja Turtle sketch for good measure. lol

Thanks for taking a look and keeping up with me! I'm still flirting with the possibility of creating a schedule for posting. I know I say that all the time. Ha! But I'd like to have the accountability to make myself more diligent with my own personal work and sketching. We shall see! Ha! Take care, guys n' gals!

- Ryan

Things I'm loving lately:

iPad 3 - Ok, so I upgraded and that retina display is freakin' awesome! Can't get enough of it. Though it makes me worried about what this new Hi-Res display means for my Bluray collection in the near future. :o/

E3 - I wasn't totally blown away but it's always a fun time of the year for those of us who love games. Halo 4 looks so awesome and The Last of Us is something I'm also really looking forward to. E3 is like peeking at all your awesome presents months before Christmas! Ha!