Friday, August 29, 2014

Sketch Dump

It's been a long time coming. This is what happens when you don't update your blog on a regular basis! You're stuck with a bunch of images to scan and put together for a post. It took me some time but I finally managed to knock it out!

You'll notice I'm playing around a lot and being super loose with stuff. I've been kind of rediscovering why I love to draw. When I'm not rendering away on work stuff I've been trying to really get back to having fun again. Just drawing to decompress and explore with no serious concerns in regards to how things turn out. It's been a good time for me and I'm excited to see where drawing without expectations takes me! It's kinda like getting into a time machine and figuring out why I started scribbling in the first place. :)

I really hope you guys enjoy seeing some of my scraps from the last few months. I'll try to fall back into the groove of updating every weekend again. I need people to hold me accountable! Ha! Thanks for stopping by and for supporting my doodles!

- Ryan