Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hey! Bird! Bugger off!

I feel like I must be the king of these "I swear I'm not dead" posts. :D I've been busy with work, slaving away making slot games for our grandparents to play. I do have stacks of drawings and sketches that I need to scan in and update here. And I've even had games release in recent months that I'd love to share the artwork with you when I get a chance. Like I've said before, I do tend to stay more on top of my posting on Instagram. So if you want to follow me there you'll see that I'm not completely terrible at posting art online. Haha!

That said, what you get here is a troll drawing that I finished of last night. I went to a local drink and draw and that's where this guy's life began. I liked him enough that I thought I should flesh out the drawing a bit more. I had a lot of fun spending time with him even if he isn't much for socializing. :P Hope you enjoy the scribble. 

Until next time go forth and be awesome!

- Ryan