Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Spooky Slots

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd update my blog showcasing some of the work I completed earlier this year at my day job. It's no secret that I've been working in the slot games industry for the last four years or so. It may not seem as glamorous as video games but it does give the opportunity to illustrate a lot. And for that I really love it.

A few months ago a game I worked on was released to the public called Frankenstein Rising. I really had a great time working on it and am pretty proud of how it all came together. As the primary artist on the game I created all of the illustrations, backgrounds and interface elements. I'll post a few of the images from the game below. 

Another game that had the pleasure of working one recently was called Gorilla King 2. Not quite as spooky but I figured I'd toss this update on the blog as well. You'll notice that I tend to paint loosely on some of these mostly because they scale down and look so good smaller. But also because our deadlines on these games are so tight. I try to keep everything as tight as possible but I tend to focus most of my polish and rendering on the symbols that will be used for marketing and such.

I hope you guys have like the little update on some of the things I've had my hands in from day to day. I've been pretty busy with my day job but hope I'll get better about making art just for me as the fall months roll on. Thanks for stopping in. And as always you can follow/reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter and any other number of places that I link to at the top of the blog. :D

- Ryan