Saturday, January 25, 2014

Scarecrow, Ogre and What?!

A light post this week but an update nonetheless! I started off the week pretty strong, drawing quite a bit. But as the week wore on the kiddo and I developed some pretty nasty colds that we're still recovering from. The drawing slowed as my wife and I took care of her and crashed in front of the TV as soon as we'd get her to bed. Parenthood. :) I hope you enjoy the post regardless! Thanks for stopping in! Sorry for the creepy guy at the end. I'm not sure where those sorts of things come from!

- Ryan

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy New Year Sketch Dump!

I'll admit it. Ever since the PS4 came out I've been a gaming machine and have been totally slacking on personal art. I did manage a few random scribbles that I've pulled together for this post. I was hoping for a post I could be more proud of to kick off 2014 but this will have to do! Ha! Gotta get the ball rolling again!

Thanks to those of you who have been sticking by and wondering if I've been dead! Ha! I'm always on Twitter (@ryanbowlin) and of course there's my Facebook page. If you're looking for a return of regular blog updates I'm going to shoot for an update every weekend. Hopefully every Friday. So stay tuned!

- Ryan

Things I'm loving lately:

Ni No Kuni - It took me a year but I finally finished the main quest line. This wasn't just my favorite game of last year but probably one of my favorites of all time. Great art, sound, gameplay. It hit all the right notes for me. And walking around in a Ghibli movie is a dream come true! I'll continue to go back to it to grind out the side quests.

PS4/PSN - I loved my Xbox 360 last generation. But I recently upgraded my PS3 hard drive to 1tb, signed up for PS+ and haven't looked back. All of the free stuff they're dropping on us is ridiculous! It's also thrusting me into wanting all of my game content to be digital. I'll have to upgrade that PS4 drive as well for that though because games are huge. Loving 1080p gaming... finally.

Brush Pens - Ever since INKtober I've been enjoying my brush pen more and more. There's something really awesome about the loose, crude yet finished looking quality you can get from them. And it keeps me from getting the "render bug."