Saturday, January 19, 2013


I'm running out of titles for these sketch dump posts! Haha! I told you I'd have a sketch dump by the end of the week and for once I've kept my word! Here are an assortment of recent doodles from iPad sketches to Cintiq Sketchbook Pro scribbles to ballpoint pen scratchings. We've got a bit of everything! 

I was, as usual, fascinated by dwarves and you'll find quite a bit of Hobbit inspired work in this update. (Loved the movie, by the way!) I also started reading Mice Templar and am enjoying it thus far (hence the rodent scribbles) and my wife and I watched the entire third season of "Downton" recently which brought about that quick sketch and awesome faced Mr. Carson.

I hope you guys enjoy these sketch dumps. I honestly enjoy posts like this much more then the finished work. There's just something fun, raw and through provoking about seeing the random bits and thoughts of an artist as they move through a sketchbook. The things captured in there never seem to be as awesome as the fully fleshed out work. But I digress. 

Thanks for stopping by and looking over my scraps! Follow me on Twitter or on Facebook and let me know what you think of my stuff or engage in ramble-y conversations with me! Ha! Take care!

- Ryan

Friday, January 18, 2013

Link and the Octorok

I know I said I'd stop back by when I had that mess of sketches scanned. But I haven't rustled up the energy to scan the pages just yet. I have something else instead though!

Tonight I was messing around in Manga Studio (I'm new to it as you can see by the image above) and gave inking one of my random scribbles a go. I've always heard great things about the inking tools and now that I have a Cintiq I wanted to explore them more. I've found them to be quite good! I rushed this a bit near the end but it was enough to at least get me familiar with it. I'm hoping I can figure out how the toning works as well. I'll need to watch some videos on that because I couldn't figure it out.

Anyway, I hope you like it! And I promise, this weekend, sketch dump time! Ha! Thanks for stopping in!

- Ryan

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Von Kaiser - Punch Out

Just wanted to post a small update as we enter into the New Year! I have a several pages of sketches to post but haven't had the time to scan them all in. So for now you'll have to just enjoy this guy again! Sorry!

I spent some time tonight getting acquainted with my new Cintiq 24 HD. And what better way then to finish of paintings I started and abandoned?! Ha! I dug back into my Von Kaiser sketch and pushed him just a little bit further while getting a feel for the tablet monitor. I could think I could probably continue to push him even more but I think this is where I'll let this one rest. I'm pretty happy with how goofy he looks and I hope you guys like him!

How did I like my first night with the Cintiq? I loved it! I'm really excited for what this might mean for my digital work as the process just feels so much more natural to me then any of my time with a regular Wacom tablet. Since I have more control and confidence with my marks I find that I'm able to get an even tighter look when I'm developing the forms. I can't wait to see what this means for my future pieces as I continue to figure this sucker out.

So stay tuned and I'll try and get those sketches up before the week is over. May 2013 rock the crap outta your world! Take care.

- Ryan