Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Dwarfin' Halloween!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog again this week. I'm going out of town next weekend so I'm holding back some of this week's scribbles in the hopes that I'll get more work done in my sketchbook while away. Then I can have a healthy drop once I return back from St. Louis, MO. That doesn't mean I don't have anything for ya though!

The first is a themed INKtober doodle that I splashed some color on. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Mostly because of the candy! But if you've followed this blog long enough you'll know that I like drawing monsters and critters of all sorts. And Halloween is just full of 'em!  So I hope you enjoy this candy lovin' zombie in honor of this festival of creepery!

The next couple pics are of something I've been kicking around when I've had some free time this week (which hasn't been much). I really liked the dwarf sketch I did last weekend so I wanted to try and get the guy painted up. Any excuse to paint dwarves is a win in my book. :) You guys have seen my process in the Red Baron piece and I'm doing more of that sort of stuff here. The colors will shift and change as I go but it's shapin' up. I like to keep it pretty loose at this phase and really enjoy the process of letting the piece evolve. I think this might be a nice one and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

Hope you all have a great Halloween! Be safe out there and I'll see ya in November!

- Ryan

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bits and Blops

Hey gang! I always hate it when people call people "gang"so I figured I'd try it out and see how you all like it! 

Regardless, I have another scribble filled update for you wonderful people this week! I've been spending a bit of time in my sketchbook exploring techniques and working on a potential story. So most of what I've been doing has been pretty messy. These were the only bright spots and as usual they aren't all that bright! Ha! I hope you enjoy them just the same.

I'm still fumbling around with ink due to the awesomeness that is INKtober. On the first image you'll notice that the middle head was inked by my good buddy, Enrique Rivera. He's trying to help me get my mind wrapped around this hole ink thing. I'm pretty terrible at it!

And I'm quite fond of the little dwarf that managed to fall out on my way to bed one night. I think I might even correct some some of the issues with the sketch in Photoshop and pain this fella up. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and looking and my scribbles! Send me messages on Facebook and Twitter and make me feel bad for not drawing more during the week! I need more guilt driven sketchbook sessions. Ha! Take care guys! See ya next week!

- Ryan

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super Mario Death Dealer

Hey people! Just a quick little update tonight after a busy week at work and with the baby. Jobs and two month old people can be a lot of work! Who knew?! Ha! 

The first image is a potential t-shirt design I submitted recently. I'm hoping it gets picked up because I think it's a pretty fun little design. Really wish I could of used a few more colors in there but limiting your palette in this way is quite a fun exercise. Fun but also challenging! I would of liked to use a couple more in there to round it out but I was pushing my limits. I'll be sure to post an update if this guy ever makes it print!

The second couple posts are just some snapshots of some of the doodles I've done recently in my smaller sketchbook. Still working in Ink in honor of Inktober and trying to get a little Halloween themed in some of them as well. Hope you like 'em!

See you guys next week! If you're lonely don't forget you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter via the links at the top of my blog! Thanks for checking out my stuff! Keep being awesome!

- Ryan

Monday, October 08, 2012


You've heard of Septembeard, right? Well right after you're done shaving off that beautiful chin mane get ready for a little something I've learned from the internets called INKtober! That's right! All month long tons of illustrators dig in and try to leave the digital tools behind and post artwork in ink as the bearded gods intended it. On second thought, don't shave that beard or you'll anger those gods. Ha!

I've seen a lot of people posting stuff but what really got me in the mood was the awesome daily inks that Jake Parker has been dishin' up on his blog. Seriously inspiring stuff that evokes feelings of a Miyazaki film. Love 'em, Jake!

So I decided I'd venture out of my comfort zone and try to do at least one piece in honor of this sacred month of ink blots and brush pens. And it gave me a good excuse to draw a dwarf wielding an axe. I'm always up for that! I hope you like him! I had fun even though I'm not all that great with inks. I might even do a few more as the month goes on so stay tuned and keep being awesome! See ya next weekend!

- Ryan

PS: GO CARDS! :o) Love me some postseason baseball!