Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Viking Jawlz

A few days ago I did a painting demo for a friend of mine. After a couple hours of walking him through my thought/working process we ended up with this guy. You might recognize him from a scribble I made in my sketchbook months ago. I debated whether or not I should take the extra time to clean it up and finish it off but since I'm not using it for anything I'll probably let it go. Maybe if I ever find myself in the mood to polish and render something.

Hope you guys like him! So many butt chins on this art blog! Ha! I've gotta start leaving those behind. Take care and thanks for looking!

- Ryan

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rude Moose Radio

A friend of mine commissioned me to create a really fun logo/illustration for his podcast recently. Ok, so he started the commission in April and I finally just got around to finishing it up. Ha! Hey, life is busy in the spring and summer! I don't often take freelance work these days but if it seems like something that might be fun I'll usually take a look at it. This was a blast to work on and it even gave me an opportunity to knock around in Manga Studio 5 on the Cintiq. 

The guys over at the podcast seemed to like it and I hope you do as well! If you like wrestling, video games, beer and audible yucks then you can check out the podcast by clicking here. Drop them some feedback on their Facebook page! I know they'd love to hear some love!

I'm way past overdue for a massive sketch dump but I'll be honest, I've been a bit lazy with the personal work as of late. Between a crazy pig game I've been creating at work and all the visitors that have been coming to see us in Chicago, I haven't had the most free time. I'm trying to grab traction where I can though. So be on the look out for more soon! Thanks for not completely giving up on me! Ha!

Thanks again for checking in! Take care and keeping being awesome out there!

- Ryan

PS: I've created a new portfolio to showcase my work. I got beta access to a while ago and have been testing it out. I took some time a couple weeks ago to really see what I could do with it. Not bad at all for a free solution. Take a look!