Monday, November 12, 2012

Scribbles 'n Scratches

Hey guys! I've got lots of scraps for this update so I'll keep it brief starting out with this random old lady sketch. And her creeper dog too. ;o)

I missed self portrait day again last week since I was on the road to St. Louis, MO. I doodled a few portraits of myself and the one the lower right hand corner is by the talented Enrique Rivera.

During renders at work, where a lot of my scrawling happens, I managed a couple sketches of Link. Enrique, again, showed off his inking expertise with the one of the right. He always finds a way to make my craptastic sketches look awesome! I wish I was a fraction as good with a brush full of ink!

Random doodles. Kinda playing around with not caring as much about creating a rendered, fleshed out piece lately. Just kind of having fun jotting information down.

These next few I've debated sharing but I don't know what it hurts. Earlier this year I started writing a story that could perhaps be a graphic novel of sorts. I have a fair bit of work done on it but I've not really drawn much for it just yet. I took some time in recent weeks to doodle out the main character. I'd drawn him a ton but could never hit the design. The guy in the lower right is where I finally hit the nail on the head. Meet Aldric! At least I think his name will be Aldric. Ha!

I also have had these snippets in my head of pivotal scenes and landscapes. I took some time to scribble some of them out. Lots of work to do if I ever plan on seriously accomplishing this stuff.

And I figured I'd toss out another update on my dwarf image that I haven't touched in over a week. Ha! Still a long ways to go but he's definitely moving along! Hope you guys like how everything's turning out! Sorry for missing last week but I was out of town. I'll try not to make that a habit! Thanks for checking in! Go forth and continue being awesome!

- Ryan