Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Happy Halloween! I love this time of the year. The leaves are changing colors and it's once again been deemed socially acceptable to draw pictures of monsters all month! Haha! Last year I created a "Frankenstein" slot game for my employer's House of Fun app. The game was a lot of fun to make and when the idea came up for a sequel featuring Frank's bride I couldn't pass it up. So I'm proud to present to you... *lightning strikes*... FRANKENBRIDE! Hahaha! ;)

It's not very often in a slot game that you're able to create a sequel that brings back old characters. Let alone a slot game where you can inject a little bit of narrative. I thought if we were going to have a Bride of Frankenstein game we should really push some wedding elements into the theme. And it's a great opportunity to give our familiar characters a touch of humor as well! Dr. Frankenstein is now giving a best man speech, Igor is the adorable ring bearer and Frank is all dressed up and ready to say, "IIII...DOOOO." :D The new character is a priest who isn't quite sure what he's just gotten himself into. Haha.

Above you'll see some final artwork from the game as well as a couple shots where I was exploring the initial sketches for the character designs. I'm pretty proud of this one! I really hope players will enjoy it as well. And even if you're not a slot player I still hope you enjoy the artwork! 

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great Halloween and don't gorge yourself on too much candy! :P

- Ryan

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Yoda and Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Holy smokes! That trailer! My excitement for this movie is off the charts. I even locked in my tickets for the Thursday night premier at my local theater. Can't wait! Haha! In the spirit of Inktober I posted a little ink sketch I made of Yoda recently on my Instagram page. He probably won't be found in the new movie but hopefully the ghost of that rascal shoes up somewhere as the series continues. :)

Also... If any of you Star Wars fans have an iPhone 6 Plus (or a phone with a similar resolution: 1242 x 2208) you can download this wallpaper I put together quickly today.
I found that the original movie poster art didn't fit very well on my phone so I modified it and added some colored star field effects in the corners. :P Super nerd. It was easy and fast to do and it now looks pretty great on my phone. Haha!
You're welcome. :P And may the force be with you!
- Ryan

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Despicable Wolf

My new game "Despicable Wolf" released today on the Slotomania Facebook app! This is the second game I created for the team over there and I had a blast working on it for them. Designing the Big Bad Wolf was a ton of fun! I hope you guys enjoy the art! And if you're fond of slot games please head on over to Slotomania and give the reels a spin! It's currently open to all players but that won't last long.
And a quick shoutout to all of my fellow artists out there... We are looking to hire more artists. So if you think this looks like something you'd like to work on and you've got the chops feel free to drop me a line!

I'm sorry the updates have been slow going here on the blog. I am sitting on a ton of artwork that I need to post. So stay tuned our keep up with me more regularly on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Links are at the top!

Thanks everyone!

- Ryan