Thursday, October 03, 2013

INKtober Monster #3 - Nigel


Three Physical Characteristics:
- Muddy and covered in moss
- Flat head withe thick body
- Legs look like old tree trunks

"Nigel likes the peace and quiet of the bog.  He enjoys nice long mud baths.  Nigel catches his meals by looking like an old oak tree, he unhinges his jaw and waits patiently for smaller creatures to look for a dry safe place to sleep, and then snaps his mouth shut when they feel safe.  He loves eating birds because they are so noisy. He doesnt eat squirrels because they bring him nuts. But every once in a while he can't help himself, but he always feels bad afterwards.  His best friend is a chubby little tree fairy.  They play cards on Tuesdays." - Kevin Martin

Original Ink Drawing FOR SALE - $20 Shipped (Contact for Purchase)

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