Sunday, October 20, 2013

INKtober Monster #17 - Slammin' Sam

Three Physical Characteristics:
- Huge oversized fists
- Big chin with a large underbite
- Fit but with a bit of  hunchback

"Slammin Sam was nothing but an honest brick layer. Father was a brick layer. Mother was a brick layer. His entire family was a brick layer but you know what? Sam is tired of laying bricks... Instead, he now SLAMS bricks. If he's walking and sees some bricks, SLAM! Ain't no bricks there. Now Sam is really is a fun loving guy but ask him to lay some bricks and he might bury you in them!" - Brandon Alderman

Original Ink Drawing FOR SALE - $20 Shipped (Contact for Purchase)

*I'm a few days behind but I'll be catching up! So stay tuned! - Ryan

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