Thursday, October 10, 2013

INKtober Monster #10 - Walrupino


Three Physical Characteristics:
- Has the tusks of a walrus, the horns of a rhinoceros, and the spines of a porcupine
- Horns and tusks are comically oversized for its body, causing a great deal of difficulty with balance and movement 
- Eyes are big, round and welcoming, juxtaposing the harshness of its other features

"No one's quite sure how he came to be, but hunters tell that Walrupino has been spotted on more than one occasion stumbling awkwardly through the forest and causing commotion. A tortured hybridization of a Walrus, Rhinoceros and Porcupine, he finds himself constantly getting stuck between trees and wedged in tight spaces due to the extreme size and unwieldiness of his tusks and horns. Though he appears to be fiercely dangerous, he's really quite friendly. All he wants is that which his deadly defenses have long denied him: a simple hug. So if - as you're jaunting through the forest one night - you hear his questioning bleat and feel the ground quake beneath your feet, know as you run to safety that you flee not from a monster, but from a gentle creature too cursed and misunderstood to live in commune as we do." - Jay Miller

Original Ink Drawing FOR SALE - $20 Shipped (Contact for Purchase)

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