Wednesday, October 23, 2013

INKtober Monster #20 - Ol' Winky

"After years of living under your bed Ol' Winky has found the that the tables have turned. No longer can he sleep at night without a trusty teddy bear that you'd give up for lost long ago." - Ryan Bowlin

Original Ink Drawing FOR SALE - $20 Shipped (Contact for Purchase)

* I have a few more entries from people that I'm still going to get through. But I thought I'd take a little break tonight and scribble something up of my own. It's kind of cheating, I guess. :D But I think the last week of October I'm going to treat myself to doing my own Monster designs. Here's the first a several to come. Those of you who are still waiting for your monsters, don't worry. They're coming! I'm a few days behind but I'll be catching up! So stay tuned! - Ryan

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