Monday, October 08, 2012


You've heard of Septembeard, right? Well right after you're done shaving off that beautiful chin mane get ready for a little something I've learned from the internets called INKtober! That's right! All month long tons of illustrators dig in and try to leave the digital tools behind and post artwork in ink as the bearded gods intended it. On second thought, don't shave that beard or you'll anger those gods. Ha!

I've seen a lot of people posting stuff but what really got me in the mood was the awesome daily inks that Jake Parker has been dishin' up on his blog. Seriously inspiring stuff that evokes feelings of a Miyazaki film. Love 'em, Jake!

So I decided I'd venture out of my comfort zone and try to do at least one piece in honor of this sacred month of ink blots and brush pens. And it gave me a good excuse to draw a dwarf wielding an axe. I'm always up for that! I hope you like him! I had fun even though I'm not all that great with inks. I might even do a few more as the month goes on so stay tuned and keep being awesome! See ya next weekend!

- Ryan

PS: GO CARDS! :o) Love me some postseason baseball!

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