Sunday, October 14, 2012

Super Mario Death Dealer

Hey people! Just a quick little update tonight after a busy week at work and with the baby. Jobs and two month old people can be a lot of work! Who knew?! Ha! 

The first image is a potential t-shirt design I submitted recently. I'm hoping it gets picked up because I think it's a pretty fun little design. Really wish I could of used a few more colors in there but limiting your palette in this way is quite a fun exercise. Fun but also challenging! I would of liked to use a couple more in there to round it out but I was pushing my limits. I'll be sure to post an update if this guy ever makes it print!

The second couple posts are just some snapshots of some of the doodles I've done recently in my smaller sketchbook. Still working in Ink in honor of Inktober and trying to get a little Halloween themed in some of them as well. Hope you like 'em!

See you guys next week! If you're lonely don't forget you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter via the links at the top of my blog! Thanks for checking out my stuff! Keep being awesome!

- Ryan


  1. Let me know if i becomes a shirt!!! I'd totally buy it!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen! I'll definitely let everyone know!