Friday, September 28, 2012


Hey guys! Thanks for checking back to see what sort of art offerings I'm making to the altar of the internet this week!

This time around I figured I'd share a bit more of what I've been doing at my day job. I've already explained in an earlier post that I worked in video games primarily for about 4 years before stumbling into the world of slot gaming. It's not a sort of job many artists imagine themselves doing when they escape the clutches of college but it's treated me well over the last couple years. I've met a ton of talented people and have found my illustration/design skills being refined by the demands of the industry.

I don't share a lot of what I do online because the audience for slots and the sort of artwork I normally create for myself don't seem to go hand in hand. But lately I'm finding that bits of my personal work is starting to come through in some of my games. And I just wanted to share since it's what I spend the bulk of my time doing!

This next week is our annual slot expo and our company is debuting a ton of new titles. A few of which, art wise, were created by your's truly! They've been hitting the marketing bandwagon and one of these is already in casinos so I feel it's ok to share. If you do find yourself in a casino then drop some coins into "Fire Queen" and "Giant's Gold!" And be on the lookout next week when I post some of the art I did for a couple other games that will be featured at the show! It's a bit different then the normal work that I do for fun but I'm quite proud of how they've turned out.

Hope you like 'em! Until next time... go forth and be awesome!



  1. This stuff is looking pretty awesome dude!

  2. Thanks, Case! I'm trying! Can't wait to see more of what you've been sinking your pencil into!