Monday, September 17, 2012

That's Nuts!

Hey guys and gals! I'm a little late with this weekend's blog post so I apologies for that mess. It's been a busy week but I managed to get some scribblin' in. Sadly, I'm saving most of my sketchbook pages for next week's update. You can see sneak peeks of my scribbles if you like my page on Facebook for follow me on Twitter. If you don't then you'll just have to wait until next weekend! Muwahaha!

I will, however, share with you a couple photos that I put on my Facebook page several days ago. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my daughter was born last month and I really wanted to do some pieces for her bedroom. My wife themed it with woodland creatures so I'm working up this squirrel drawing to go in her room first. I'm trying a bit of a new process and it's moving along relatively smooth for the most part. I just need to park my butt in a chair and finish it off! Hopefully I'll have it all wrapped up next weekend. Should look sharp framed, I hope. What do you guys think?

That's all I've got for now but I'll you can find me sputtering words all over the rest of the interwebz. Come find me! Ha! Go forth and be awesome, guys!


Things I'm Loving Right Now: (Been a while since one of these, right?!)

My new baby daughter, Callie - Daaawwwww!!! ;o)

Apple Products - When do I not love anything from my favorite cult? My iPhone 5 should be here Friday and I finally picked up an Apple TV last weekend. Lovin' it!

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Speaking of Apple TV I noticed that Hulu now has this series in its entirety so I've decided to make my way through the second half. Really enjoying is so far. Looking forward to finding more new, cool shows.

Nintendo - I've been geeking out over my 3DS XL for the last couple weeks. I'm loving the new design. And I've got my deluxe Wii U on preorder! Can't wait for this Christmas! Ha! I feel like I'm 12 again!

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