Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Merchant

A friend of mine, Mandy Napper, did a watercolor demo at work this week and I've been wanting to mess around with it for a long time as a means to add something fresh to the ol' sketchbook. I really love the quick, washy quality it gives you. And some color as you flip through that mess of sketches is always welcome.

The last image of the plant was a painting I did over one of her drawings. Then last night I took a bit of time to quickly try my hand and doing one from scratch myself. I seriously had a blast! I can't wait to do a few more of these little guys. They're really a lot of fun to do. And after it dried I went back in with some colored pencils to really pop it in some areas.

I put this one up on in my shop for sale if anyone is interested! Click here to see the listing!

Hopefully I'll have a few more of these for the next update as well! Thanks for stopping in!

- Ryan

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