Saturday, January 19, 2013


I'm running out of titles for these sketch dump posts! Haha! I told you I'd have a sketch dump by the end of the week and for once I've kept my word! Here are an assortment of recent doodles from iPad sketches to Cintiq Sketchbook Pro scribbles to ballpoint pen scratchings. We've got a bit of everything! 

I was, as usual, fascinated by dwarves and you'll find quite a bit of Hobbit inspired work in this update. (Loved the movie, by the way!) I also started reading Mice Templar and am enjoying it thus far (hence the rodent scribbles) and my wife and I watched the entire third season of "Downton" recently which brought about that quick sketch and awesome faced Mr. Carson.

I hope you guys enjoy these sketch dumps. I honestly enjoy posts like this much more then the finished work. There's just something fun, raw and through provoking about seeing the random bits and thoughts of an artist as they move through a sketchbook. The things captured in there never seem to be as awesome as the fully fleshed out work. But I digress. 

Thanks for stopping by and looking over my scraps! Follow me on Twitter or on Facebook and let me know what you think of my stuff or engage in ramble-y conversations with me! Ha! Take care!

- Ryan


  1. I like to see what inspires you every week. Nice variety, even if you do always have a dwarf or two. ;)

  2. Piles of black and blue! Great stuff man. I wish I was inspired by Hobbits and fantasy tales, but I'm more of the cyberpunk breed of nerd. Nevertheless, I still appreciate good sketches of a hairy midgets with axes :p

  3. Sarah: Thanks, dear. :o)

    Bob: Thanks for stopping by, man! Yea, my sketch dumps are full of dwarves and battle axes. The fantasy genre has always been one thats appealed to me. My time working on fantasy style video games only cemented that love.