Friday, December 21, 2012

Scribbles For The Holidays

Hey everyone!

Well, it appears the holidays are upon us! My family and I are heading out to St. Louis tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family but I wanted to try and get one more post in before hitting the old dusty trail. 

Nothing too spectacular but I'm unloading some of my recent scribbles from my sketchbook. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter some of these might seem old but there are bound to be some bits in there I haven't posted elsewhere. Also, I hope you guys like the roughness of these posts. I'm not trying to cover anything up. I mess around a lot and not everything looks as nice but I enjoy seeing the mess among the successes. :o) I hope you do too!

Hope you all have a safe and amazing holiday with your loved ones! Go forth and be awesome out there in the new year ahead! Ha!

- Ryan

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