Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm All Shook Up

Much like zombie Elvis up there, I'm hoping I can bring this blog back from the dead! Thanks for sticking with me! We're finally getting settled in Chicago and are wrapping up the unboxing process. I've just about got my work area ready to go! And then I should be back to sketching and posting more regularly. I have some things to post but haven't really had much time recently to do a full post. So you'll have to settle for another mini post until then!

This scribble I did in ballpoint pen in between file saves and lunch at work. I do a lot of crap like this. They're usually fat necked, gross looking dudes. I guess I relate to them. Ha! I don't post a lot of the scribbles like this but I guess I should. This one made me chuckle a bit as a drew him out. I didn't intend for him to be Elvis like at first but he just sort of ended up kinda like that.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around! I should be back to posting more often in the next week or so! The cross country move took a lot out of us. And we're just now starting to wrap our heads around the fact that we'll have a baby with us in the coming months! Lots of life changes. But I need to get my nose back in that sketchbook so stay tuned for more to come! Take care and I hope you're all well!

- Ryan

PS: Baseball season has arrived! Go Cards! ;o)

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