Sunday, April 29, 2012

Samurai Frog

Hey guys! I'm back with s'more postage! Can you believe it?!

Last week I started a new blog with some friends from work and we've trying to update it with doodles each week following a sort of story theme. This week was about a frog warrior type character seeking revenge fro his fallen brother. You can view more about it by checking out the blog. But I figured I'd post my process over here as well.

For my contribution this week I bring you... Samurai Frog!

I tried some new things with this image starting with the brush pen. I still feel like I botched it up a lot but I gave it a go. Might try to use it a bit more often in order to make myself draw faster. There's definitely no time to mess around when it comes to brush inks. And even the color work was a bit different that I usually like to work. But I was trying to get something roughed in very quickly. It's a bit saturated now that I'm looking at it again.

The results were kinda lackluster but I learned a bit for next time. That's what counts, eh? Hope you guys like 'em.

- Ryan

Things that I'm loving right now...

   - Wacom 24HD Cintiq: I REALLY WANT ONE. Can't stop thinking about how much it'll improve the ol' work flow.
   - Mass Effect 3: I haven't finished it yet but I'm enjoying it. The multiplayer is even pretty fun to kill some time.
   - Game of Thrones: I'm watching the series, listening to the audiobooks and just can't get enough! Also slowly getting hooked into Mad Men as well. TV eats my life away. :o/


  1. Hi Ryan, would you be ok with me tattooing this design?

    1. Sure! Just send me a picture of it when it's done! I'd love to see it.