Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ogre Heads!

Those of you who have bought one of the first twenty of my Hellboy prints will find that you will also be getting a quick sketch from me as well in your package! I just did a few Ogre head sketches for each person to include as a personal thanks for the support! I hope you guys like 'em. They were really fun to doodle out!

I've only sold six prints so far. So make me work even harder and draw 14 more Ogre heads! Ha! And I hope those of you who picked up a print already will enjoy this little additional gift! Thanks again!

As for other art, I'm still crafting some things for another little project that a few friends and I are doing monthly. This month's theme is "Space Princess." So I should have some posts regarding that in the coming days. I don't have much time left! Ha! So this week should be interesting. It might bleed into next week a bit but stick with me! Hope you guys are doing great. Thanks for checking in!



  1. Those look great, Ryan! What a great extra for early bird madness!

  2. Thanks, Jeff! I hope they like 'em!