Friday, August 13, 2010

Zebzulon: Explosives Expert Head Concepts

Name: N/A for the time being
Class: Explosives Expert

This time around we have some head concepts for the explosives expert on the Zebzulon team. He's a crazy, cocky sonuvagun but you love to have him in your corner during a fight. We've all had those friends, right? He's the sort of ticking time bomb that you could let loose like a pack of pit bulls at the mention of a few words. "Hey, Mike! Did you hear what that guy called you?" Boom. And you're just glad you aren't on the receiving end of whatever "Mike" is dishing.

The explosives guy is a bit of a loose cannon and I wanted him to have a bulky look to him. Similar to the Heavy in Team Fortress 2 only with more of a psycho feel. I did a good amount of pushing and pulling on his head to come up with some interesting shapes. And I tried to make sure each stare had its own sort of "craziness" in the eyes.

I also really loved the idea of having his face scarred up bit from an old accident. Perhaps the tools of his trade, which he's a master of, once got the best of him and took a toll on part of his face. Little things like this really help sell the character and tell a story. It's kind of cool to think back to when the firepower that he wields might have once bitten him as well.

His arsenal is pretty much what you'd expect. Rocket launchers, flame throwers, grenades, etc. I don't have any real flashy ideas for him at this point. I'm completely open to suggestions if you do have some! Not that we'll ever see any of these attacks as this whole game scenario is fake. lol But who knows?! Maybe I'll storyboard each character's special attacks or something.

That's all for now! Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

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  1. i like the form in these, the lighting really helps to turn the form