Friday, August 06, 2010

Legionary Sketches

This past week has been full of email correspondence and art tests. Looking for a new job is always a good time. Most of the work I can't share but this one I can.

The assignment was to first provide a loose sketch of a Legionary with the armor/clothing reference provided. They also provided some GTA4 concepts and said they wanted the character to have the same realistic style and pose. The second they wanted me to take the realistic character and create a more cartoony counterpart. Perhaps a character that might be used in a casual, social game. They kept stressing that they didn't want you to really focus on rendering or making these finished illustrations. They wanted me to keep them loose and just wanted to see what my process was for solving design problems.

It was actually a fun distraction from the craziness of the week. Especially the little toony guy. If I get some free time I might just work both of these images up properly. For now you'll have to endure their sketchy origins.

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