Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well I've gone and done it...

...created a new site for my portfolio, that is! Ha! It's still a little bit rough around the edges and I'm working on rounding it out with new work. But thanks to CarbonMade it was pretty painless to put together. You can find the link and a blurb from the "About Me" page below. More updates coming soon! Thanks for visiting!

I’ve been making images for as long as I’ve been able to get my little mitts around a Crayola. Some of my earliest memories involve being face down in a pad of paper and scribbling like a wild man in the living room. When I let my mind take me back I can still feel the shag carpet imprinting abstract designs on my skin and the waxy smell of the crayon as I pulled it across the paper.

It’s funny to think, looking back, that I’m still completely enamored with doing the very same things today. Sure, now I have a fancy desk and the tools aren’t nearly as crude. But the passion for creating stories and imagining worlds has always remained.

For the last four years I’ve been fortunate to have an outlet for that passion by working in the video game industry. The past year I have worked as a creature and character concept artist for an MMO developer in Las Vegas. Recently that studio unexpectedly closed its doors and now I’m looking for new places to continue living out that love for cultivating the imagination and creating amazing worlds.

If you’re interested in hiring me for my services (full time or contract) I’d appreciate you contacting me via email. I can provide a resume, references and additional samples upon request. I’m very much looking forward to sharing my passion and imagination with you!


Ryan Bowlin currently lives, with his lovely wife, in Las Vegas, NV. In between creating art he enjoys playing video games, watching baseball, and devouring chimichangas.

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