Saturday, June 14, 2014


A little scribble for Sketch Dailies. I absolutely love that site! So much great artwork on a daily basis! Check them out if you get a chance! I was going to go play more Tomb Raider on PS4 but once I saw the topic was Vikings I knew I had to bang something out. Ha!

I've been exploring a bit in recent months and with this scribble I changed up my normal working process. I'm trying to just get my ideas down faster and even trying to work more loosely. This was one of my better successes I've had doing that in recent attempts. Experimentation is good, right? Hoping I start stumbling upon something I really love.

I hope all of you enjoyed E3 this week! I always love seeing the studios showing off all of their awesome stuff. Lots of great games to look forward to in the near future!

- Ryan

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