Monday, June 24, 2013

Breto's Hammer

It seems I've taken the last couple months off from posting on my blog! I'm really sorry about that! As Spring turns into Summer I'm always struggling to find time for art in between all the visitors and outdoor stuff that goes on with all the great weather. Rest assured I'm hoping to find myself posting more regularly again soon. So thanks for your patience.

I do bring new art for you though! Well, finished art at least! My work is sponsoring an art show so I needed to scramble to get a piece together for it. This guy was far enough along that I didn't have to push to hard to just get him up over the edge to finish. There are still things that I would have liked to push and work on more but I think this gets the job done. I really wanted the dwarf to be the focal point and I think working on the rest so much might have detracted a bit from him.

After working on this off and on I'm just ready to move on to the next thing. I'm interested to see how people like him. Perhaps I'll do a print series of the fella if people are interested. If you'd like to see the HiRes version just click here!

Thanks again for stopping by! Remember you can always follow me on Twitter (@ryanbowlin) if you want to see what other things I've been up to! :: cough :: Animal Crossing :: cough ::


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