Thursday, April 11, 2013

Old Crow

Yesterday after work I took some time to try out a new brush I found within the massive collection I've acquired over the years. I seldom use different brushes but I thought this one was kinda fun and kept my painting style a bit looser then I usually work. Tonight I brought it home and pushed it just a bit further on the Cintiq. I'm still not used to working on this thing and really need to find a better balance to painting with it. I get really hasty when I use the Cintiq for some reason and stop thinking as much. It seems to effect my "eye" as well for some reason. It's very strange.

At any rate, I hope you guys like my Game of Thrones inspired scribble! No character in particular but I just imagine he's one of the many defending on The Wall. Looking forward to more of Season 3 and further entrenching myself into the audiobooks while painting away at work!

- Ryan

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