Monday, January 09, 2012

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Tribute

Well, after several days of scraping together time to paint, I finally managed to finish off my Legend of Zelda illustration. I took some chances and varied my approach when it came to this piece. It didn't quite come out how I'd hoped but I still think it's pretty fun and I learned a lot for the next time when I dive into a work like this. And I was painting freakin' Link! So how awesome is that?! Ha!

I hope you guys liked how it turned out and enjoyed watching my progress as I moved along. There's something that I really loved about the original sketch and over the course of the illustration I just lost some of it. But I'm still satisfied and ready to move on to something new. I think I'll be working on more sketchy stuff for a while. Between this piece and work I'm getting a bit tired of working so tightly.

At any rate, I just wanted to get it posted! I was pretty sure I'd do a small print run of this but I want to see how the reception is first before I plop down any cash. I know the feel of it is a little different from some of my other work I've previously posted. Let me know what you think and I'll keep you updated on whether or not I print them off! Thanks for looking and happy Monday! Have a great week, guys!


  1. Hey Ryan I just wanted to comment on your Zelda artwork. I really enjoyed looking at all the variations of colors on the shield and water, along with various gradients in the water. One thing I have to say is that the face of Zelda (even though he is a child) has a troll feel to it. The extremely circular head and chin along with the compressed facial features enhance that effect. I feel like the head may be a tad bit to large. The proportions of your Zelda seem to be accurate. Also, great use of texture to represent rocks, it looks great!

  2. Ha! Thanks, Jonnathan! Link looks like a troll? That's funny. lol I was trying to push proportions and stuff. I was never completely happy with his face but I didn't think he looked that bad! Ha! At any rate, this is in the can but next time I'll try to make it cuter. ;o) Thanks, man.